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Jens Soering
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Jens Soering is a prize-winning author of ten books who has been unjustly imprisoned since 1986. On July 26-29, 2016, new DNA evidence came to light that conclusively proves his innocence. A petition for an absolute pardon was filed on August 24, 2016, and is currently pending with the Governor of Virginia, see Pardon page.

Read a summary of the Soering case!

Read the latest article on Jens's case!

Listen to the latest radio report on Jens's case!

Listen to Amanda Knox' podcast on the Soering case!

John Grisham
     "We're not going to stop, slow
down or be quiet. We are
just going to get more and
more vocal and push
harder and harder
until we get justice."
              Read and listen to
John Grisham discuss the Soering case
on the award-winning podcast
"Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom."

Martin Sheen  

     "Jens Soering remains in a
prison cell after three decades,
and we are left to wonder: Why?
Justice so long delayed
is no justice at all."
                   Read Hollywood actor
Martin Sheen's letter to the editor

of the Richmond Times-Dispatch
from January 10, 2019!

Irwin Cotler

"Everything points in the clear direction of his innocence, and after some 35 years of deprivation of liberty, the right thing to do, the just thing to do is for him to be freed."

Prof. Irwin Cotler -- former Canadian Minister of Justice, attorney for Nelson Mandela, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee

     Watch or read an interview with
Prof. Irwin Cotler

The Soering Case
Made Simple!


Become an instant expert on the
case by reading this NEW graphic
presentation of the evidence (pdf).


Sheriff Chip Harding

Watch press conferences with police officers and DNA experts who support Jens, and read their reports!

Newspaper Article
Newspaper Article

In March 2017 the Washington Post Magazine published a major article about the case. For more information, read the Timeline.

Documentary Film
Documentary Film

A full-length documentary film about the case, "Killing for Love" (formerly known as "The Promise") by Marcus Vetter and Karin Steinberger, has been shown at film festivals and on network TV around the world. Its U.S. theater run began on December 15, 2017. The documentary is also available as a complete series on iTunes and, starting on June 16, 2018 on
Visit the film's website.

Pro and Con
Pro and Con

On May 2 and 7, 2018, the Roanoke Times published op-ed articles by Glenn Ayers, a supporter of the Bedford County Sheriff's Department, and Bill Sizemore, a supporter of Jens' pardon petition.

Pardon Petition
Pardon Petition

For all the details on the pending petition for a pardon, visit the Pardon page. A complete history of the case can be found here.

New Book by Jens Soering
New Book by Jens Soering

In March 2017 Lantern Books published Jens's sixth book, A Far, Far Better Thing, with Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporter Bill Sizemore and a Foreword by Martin Sheen.

Visit the publisher's website.


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