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Jens Soering
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Jens Soering asks Governor for parole and deportation

(by Angela Hatcher, WSLS10, February 22, 2011, Link)

Convicted double murderer Jens Soering is asking Governor Bob McDonnell for parole and deportation to Germany, citing the results of a 2009 DNA analysis as proof of his innocence.

DNA testing performed under Virginia's Post Conviction DNA Testing Program eliminated Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom as contributors of samples taken from the 1985 murder scene.

In a letter dated February 18, Soering's attorney Gail Ball tells McDonnell, "In knife murders, the perpetrator almost always injures him or herself, leaving DNA.  Moreover, the prosecution has claimed consistently and even vehemently for over 20 years that Mr. Soering injured himself at the crime scene, leaving his blood."

Some samples taken from the scene were determined to be not suitable for DNA comparison.

Soering is currently serving two life sentences in Virginia for the stabbing deaths of Derek and Nancy Haysom.  Just after taking office in 2010, Governor McDonnell revoked the Commonwealth's consent to transfer Soering to Germany.

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