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Books and articles by Jens Soering

Jens has published 6 books in English language, 5 books in German language and approx. 50 articles.


Books in English language

"A Far, Far Better Thing"
Did a Fatal Attraction Lead to a Wrongful Conviction?

Jens Soering and Bill Sizemore Foreword by Martin Sheen

Lantern Books (2017) | ISBN:  978-1-59056-564-3
"One Day in the Life of 179212"

Lantern Books (2012) | ISBN:  978-1590563458

Information / Reading Sample

Reviews: Not About Redemption
by Eileen Markey, America Magazine, December 10, 2012

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"The Church of the Second Chance"
A Faith-Based Approach to Prison Reform

Lantern Books (2008) | ISBN:  978-1590561126
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"The Convict Christ"

What the Gospel Says about Criminal Justice

Orbis Books (2006) | ISBN:  978-1570756481 | Information / Reading Sample

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In its March/April 2005 issue, Prism magazine (published by Evangelicals for Social Action) printed an article of Jens' called "The Convict Christ" (click to read). This piece is, essentially, the Introduction to The Convict Christ - What the Gospels Say about Criminal Justice.

2007 Catholic Press Association Awards 
First Prize | Category: Social Concerns

"We found The Convict Christ very compelling and well-written. The topic is timely, and the author’s perspective is challenging and well-researched. It is a wonderful book for Christians who are ready to confront our society’s “lepers” -- prison inmates. The volume is easy to read and well-organized, and we especially appreciated the integration of Scripture, personal stories and broader reflections."

"An Expensive Way to Make Bad People Worse"
An Essay on Prison Reform from an Insider's Perspective
Lantern Books (2004) | ISBN:  978-1590560761
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"The Way of the Prisoner"
Breaking the Chains of Self through Centering Prayer and Centering Practice

Lantern Books (2003) |ISBN:  978-1590560556
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Books in German language

Zweimal lebenslänglich

Droemer Verlag (2016) | ISBN:  978-3-426-78543-0
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"Nicht schuldig!"

Wie ich zum Opfer der US-Justiz wurde

Droemer Verlag (2012)
Information / Reading Sample

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"Wiederhole schweigend ein Wort"
Wege zur inneren Freiheit

Gütersloher Verlagshaus (2009) | ISBN:  978-3579069999
Information / Reading Sample
"Ein Tag im Leben des 179212"

published as eBook by scripts for sale Medienagentur (2012) | ISBN:  978-3000375323
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(Out of stock: Gütersloher Verlagshaus (2008) | ISBN:  978-3579069975)

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"Richtet nicht, damit ihr nicht gerichtet werdet"
Barmherzigkeit und Strafvollzug

Echter Verlag (2008) | ISBN:  978-3429030247
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Published articles

Audio Statement for Lent 2013

For Lent 2013, the Church of the Sacred Heart in Camden, New Jersey, organized a series of events based on some of Jens’s books. He also provided an audio statement.

Miscellaneous Publications

  • "Straight" Prison Reform (* denotes a religious newspaper or magazine)

    • New and Subtle Forms of Prejudice*, Justice Reflections (UK), Winter/2012, Nr. 29/2011
    • How Profit Fuels America's Prison Industry and Keeps Our Citizens in Captivity*, Justice Reflections (UK), Fall/11, Nr. 28/2011
    • The Color of Crime and Punishment*, Justice Reflections (UK), Summer/10, Nr. 24/2010
    • Another pyrrhic victory*, Justice Reflections (UK), Spring/10, NR. 23/2010
    • Life Without Parole* (republished), Justice Reflections (UK), Summer/09, Nr.21/2009
    • Correctional Capitalism* (republished), Justice Reflections (U.K.), Summer/08, Nr. 18/2008
    • Life Without Parole*, Christian Century, 8/12/2008
    • Correctional Capitalism*, Prism, Jan-Feb/2008
    • Uncorrected, Christian Century*, 9/18/2007
    • The Carrot and the Sticks*, America, 3/21/2005
    • Turning Tony Into Tonya*, National Catholic Reporter; 11/19/2004
    • The prison dog that didn't bark, (Norfolk, Va.) Virginian Pilot, 11/15/2004
    • No Way Out (republished), (Charlottesville, Va.) The Hook, 10/14/2004
    • Crime After Crime, The American Conservative, 9/27/2004
    • No Way Out, Washington City Paper, 9/3/2004
    • The Perils of Freedom, America, 7/5/2004
    • No Mercy, (Charlottesville, Va.) The Hook, 5/6/2004
    • Much Sadder Sentence*, America, 3/29/2004
    • Another Christmas in a prison visiting room*, National Catholic Repor­ter, 12/26/2003
    • Sniper suspect's defense has parallels, (Charlottesville, Va.) Daily Progress, 12/7/2003
    • Another Life Ruined, (Charlottesville, Va.) C'ville Weekly, 12/2/2003
    • Growing Old Behind Bars*, America, 10/10/2003
  • Mostly Prison Reform, with a little Religion

    • For Toolbox, Radical Grace, Fall/2007
    • Persistent Widow, Unjust Judge, Celebration, 10/2004
    • Hallmark Hank's last free Christmas, Catholic Peace Voice, Nov-Dec/2004
    • The Bad Thief, America, 12/6/2004
    • The First to Throw a Stone, Pastoral Life, 4/2004
    • Another Easter Statistic, America, 4/12/2004
    • Another Christmas Statistic (republished), CrossCurrents, Winter/2004
    • The Rest of Their Days in Prosperity, Pastoral Life, 11/2003
    • He Who Has Eyes, America, 8/18/2003
    • For God cuts down gates of bronze, Catholic Peace Voice, Jul-Aug/2003
    • What I Learned from Flickin' Joe, Justice Reflections (U.K.), Nr. 2/2003
  • Mostly Religion, with a little Prison Reform

    • Every Step on this Road, Radical Grace, Apr-May-Jun/2006
    • The Convict Christ, Prism, Mar-Apr/2005
    • On Penitence and Penitentiaries, National Catholic Reporter, 3/19/2004
    • Blast of the Divine, Sojourners, Sep-Oct/2003
    • The Kenotic Convict, The Merton Annual, Vo1. 16/2003
    • From Buddhist to Papist (republished), Emmanuel, May-Jun/2003
    • The Least of these Brothers, Faith @ Work, Spring/2003
    • From Buddhist to Papist (republished), Pastoral Life, 3/2003
    • Our Prisons Can Be Instruments of Grace, This Rock, 2/2003
  • “Straight” Religion

    • Justice, Justice Thou Shall Pursue, Justice Reflections (U.K.), Winter/07, Nr. 16/2007
    • Be Born in Us Today, Pastoral Life, 12/2004
    • The Inner Experience, The Merton Annual, Vol. 17/2004
    • Ein Lauter Nichts, Celebration, 7/2004
    • The Flame Has Lit Up the World from Within, Pastoral Life, 6/2004
    • Osama bin Laden and a Return to a Perennial Theory of Mystical Union, Monastic Interreligious Dialogue Bulletin, May/2004
    • Giving Birth to the Son in Us, Emmanuel, Jan-Feb/2004
    • Gluttony, Avarice and Vainglory, Emmanuel, Sep-Oct/2003

    Jens Soering is a German author who spent more than 33 years in American and British prisons for a double-murder he did not commit.

    In 2016 DNA tests revealed that blood at the crime scene, which had once been attributed to him, actually belonged to two other men.

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